Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency

Shoppers are rewarded for purchases with cryptocurrency. Based on our profitable loyalty SaaS business GIFTD.

Complete POS system with adminal pannel

Asfess is a Pakistan’s no.1 POS. Asfess is Pakistan’s most advanced dynamic point of sale, It becoming most demanding and needed solution for every single & chain store.We have fully professional & technical team, available 24/7 at your service on a simple phone call or by ticket generation.We have one of the safest system, we take routine backups in our cloud servers so, in case of any mishap latest back will be available.We have many up-gradation or update plans in future so our old customers will be the first who can enjoy latest firmwares in no time.We have a unique cloud server so every business owner can handle & view multiple branches in multiple countries remotely without visiting stock can be managed/purchased easily from best suppliers in market.

E-commerce website for best shopping

Avanciro is a e-commerce theme, specially designed for any online stores. The theme is fully responsive which is looking equally beautiful to small and large devices. The home page consists of category listing at the left side of main banner which is dynamic and also a trend now a days, where the main body also contains best selling products section and new arrival section and special offer which is more attractive for the customers, also the special deal of the day making it more useful and unique from ordinary ecommerce themes. This theme is recommended for electronic accessories and clothing stores, however the theme is suitable for any store beyond our imaginations.

Call-Centeric solutions

Jeekon is one of the outstanding product by Tumarms launched in 2017 and many additional features are supposed to add in current 2018 year. The idea of launching this product is to provide call center management solution, but due to its vast wings it is very much useful for any company who is willing to buy HRM system. Jeekon main features are lead generation, project creation, payroll system and HRM system. Full version of Jeekon will be available at mid of this 2018 year for new and old customers.

Corporate website for your

This site is designed for corporate companies on which small and large companies can beautifully show their business process/ business development programs/ services and much more. The site contains featured info-graphic video which has huge benefits of attracting and engaging viewers. At the bottom of this stunning theme we also placed a blog section which can be handle through admin panel, it is beautifully placed for content reader users.

Creative ideas for every student, with worksheets and tips!

This site is specially designed for the companies which are specialized in Search engine optimization and any sort of digital marketing. The site contains special sections which are offering and displaying key services/features of the company so the users will find out their desired service easily, customer can also put queries directly to the site owner which will received by them through emails. There is also a latest news section which is dynamic and can be easily managed through backend.

Soul-Mate mactching website

This is a beautiful Matrimonial theme, helping users to find their life partner and best match. This theme is very simple in process but really attractive in design, allowing users to search by country, city, age and gender. This theme also allowing Matrimonial owners to add their past successful clients to encourage the new users where the featured customers can show their profile at home page for quick match and more visibility chances on searches.

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